Cirque du Soleil Mexico is a permanent show with its own theater. Vidanta Theater was built especially and exclusively for JOYA Cirque Du Soleil in Riviera Maya. The theme of this show is to join the characters through an adventure into a magical jungle and even under the sea. It is indeed an extraordinary experience.

The shows can have different schedules and these are modified throughout the year. When visiting the JOYA Cirque Du Soleil Mexico, take the following tips into consideration:

What kind of Cirque Du Soleil Mexico (JOYA) tickets are available?

There are different ticket categories to enjoy Cirque du Soleil in Mexico. It is important to mention that some ticket categories include as well a culinary experience. These are the tickets categories that you can get:

Cirque du Soleil Mexico Ticket show only

Cirque du Soleil MexicoTickets with culinary experience

This is the recommended option if you want to live the full experience of JOYA Cirque du Soleil since it is the only show offering this experience. In this category, these are the tickets you can get:

Now you know more about the different Cirque Du Soleil Tickets that you can get for the Riviera Maya show. It is time to choose what ticket is best for you to enjoy this amazing show.

You can see the seating map here: Joya Cirque Du Soleil Riviera Maya

We see you in Cirque Du Soleil Mexico!