The city of Cancun is divided into 2 main areas: the Cancun Hotel Zone and downtown Cancun. Most of the tourists arriving in Cancun had booked their stay at hotels near the beach (Hotel Zone), but the downtown area is the also a very interesting place.

In downtown Cancun, you can find important landmarks and sites of interest that are worth visiting if you want to get into the real local stuff. Some of the main places to visit in Cancun downtown are:

Is downtown Cancun safe for tourists?

This is a popular question that we get from our customers. We can say yes. As long as you stay in the main square of the downtown area, these places are safe to tour around. You will see tourists like you touring around in tours or on their own. Our best recommendation is to go in daylight.

Like any other city, Cancun has zones that we do not consider safe. Fortunately for us, these zones have not any tourist attractions to see. Stay away!

Visiting downtown Cancun on your own:

This is a good option if you are staying in the Hotel Zone and you don’t care much about learning about Cancun. Maybe you just want to take a photo of the City Hall or visit a supermarket. You can take the city bus near your hotel. Be aware of your stop, so you don’t miss it. Some buses end their route in areas of Cancun where you should not be. Another option is to take a taxi. Not necessarily the cheapest way! but faster.

Please note, if you are staying in the area called Playa Mujeres or Costa Mujeres. The only way to go to downtown Cancun is by taxi or tour. There are no city buses in this area.

Visiting downtown Cancun on a tour:

This is the recommended option if you want to live it hassle-free. Tours usually offer hotel pick up or they meet you nearby your accommodation. Most of the tour saves you money and time as they deal with all the arrangements of guides, tickets, transportation, etc.

Our best recommendation is to go explore Cancun’s downtown on a tour. These tours take you around the main landmarks and sites of interest in downtown and other areas of Cancun, places that you for sure will miss visiting on your own. In addition, the guides do a great job telling the history and faqs.

You can find tours to visit the downtown area with departures from Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and Riviera Maya.

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