The underground rivers in Mexico are located in Riviera Maya. They are in fact four major systems conected. They run under the jungle along the coast and can be found at deptht as 50 to 100 m (160 to 330 ft) below the ground level:

The biggest underground river system in the world is “Sac Actun” which means “white cave.” It is located in Riviera Maya, Quintana Roo.

Despite what it sounds like, the underground rivers are not scary at all. There are beautiful places instead. There are freshwater formations that run underground to the ocean. Their flow is almost imperceptible. It is more like the water will not be moving at all. The water is cool and crystal clear most of the time it looks blue. You can clearly see the bottom.

On these days we know the water runs to the ocean thanks to brave divers that have to follow the caves till the end just to end their adventure in the ocean. We must say diving in the caves is not for everybody. Only highly trained and specialized divers are allowed. Do not try it on your own!

On the other hand, there are plenty of fun and safe activities to do in the underground rivers in Mexico.

We can name the underground rivers in different ways, depending on how they look like and the kind of access we have to the water.

Underground rivers in Mexico: Cenotes

We call them cenotes when their roof is collapsed and they look more like an open natural pool. In these cases, you can access the water plunging from a wall or just walking in. Cenotes are beautiful sinkholes usually in the middle of the jungle. You will prefer cenotes if you are a bit claustrophobic.

Underground rivers in Mexico: Caves

We call them caves when the water is still underground. The access to the caves is usually through a stairway, or if you are more intrepid, in some cases you can rappel down.

Caves are amazing because sometimes you enter through a narrow hole or entrance just to find a huge vault inside. Most of the time is hard to believe your eyes due to the stalactites formations inside.

Do not worry, there is just the perfect cave for every level of adventure you want to live. From 0 to 100 adventure level.

Now that you know more about the underground rivers in Mexico, you can choose the best adventure for you. You can finds tours to the underground rivers with departures from Riviera Maya, Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and Merida.

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